Mujeres en Congress

Transforming the way we do politics by elevating Latina voices in Congress

While Latinos have outsized their role as electoral game changers, these gains have not translated into our political system. In early 2020, less than 10% of the U.S. House of Representatives and 4 of 50 U.S. Senators were Latinos. The numbers are even more upsetting for Latina congressional lawmakers. 


Across the country, Latinas still face institutional power structures that discourage them from running for Office. That’s because campaigns and legislative offices have been built around century old infrastructures created to keep certain people out of the political process. This lack of diversity among our elected officials impedes our ability as a nation to understand diverse perspectives.


But the problem is not restricted to Latina elected officials. The lack of diversity is apparent with congressional staffers. In the most racially diverse House in history, just over 20 percent of the congressional staff were of color. Even at our highest levels of government, Latina congressional staffers are often relegated to junior-level positions. These inequitable hiring and staffing practices are even more pronounced with socio-economically disadvantaged Latinas. 

As a former congressional staffer, Diana Rios Jasso, the owner of Jarabe Gourmet Pops is dedicated to changing the political landscape to reflect a more diverse America. She believes that, “if we are more intentional about the way we ensure diversity in our public offices, we can transform the way we do politics”. Marrying her passion for paletas and politics, Mujeres en Congress aims to provide greater visibility for Latinas running for congressional seats while promoting a more inclusive workforce in Congress.