Sweets and Treats

Gourmet Pops & More

Pops / Paletas

"Paletas" are Mexican-style pops made out of natural ingredients. 

All our "paletas" are decorated with fresh toppings, fruits, and/or herbs. We  have over 50 original and seasonal flavors to choose from.

Shaved Ice / Raspados

A favorite childhood memory! Raspados are Mexican-style blended ice drinks made of various fruits, and often seasoned with savory natural toppings. Traditionally, raspados are sold by street vendors, who carry a block of ice in a push-cart, where ice is scraped out of the block with a cepillo, a stainless-steal ice shaver.

Fruit Drinks / Aguas Frescas

Spanish for "cool waters", Aguas Frescas are Mexico's healthy, refreshing, and delicious fruit drinks. They are light non-alcoholic beverages made from one or more fruits, cereals, flowers, or seeds blended with natural sweeteners and water.

 Freezer Pops / Bolis

Bolis are sweet frozen treats wrapped in a tube. Bolis are a convenient frozen treat that is both refreshing and tasty.

 Sweets & Treats / Antojitos

No one can resist an antojito! Antojitos in Spanish literally means "little cravings" and are an essential part of the Mexican culture. We offer a variety of "little cravings" from the traditional Mexican churros, to Yucatan-style crapes known as marquesitas,  homemade nachos, and our infamous street elote - corn n' cob.